10 Easy Ways To Fix Amazon Prime Video Not Working Problem

We all realize what Amazon Prime is and the way high-quality it’s far for ordering your stuff off it and getting it the very subsequent day. But on occasion you may discover your self in a state of affairs while your Amazon Prime Video simply stops running to your new and vivid Smart TV, that’s extra than frustrating.

So, the way to repair Amazon Prime Video now no longer running to your  TV? 

Check in case your account is active, your net is running satisfactory, not anything is being downloaded and the VPNs are became off. 

Try to uninstall the Prime Video app and deployation it again. Restarting your app, rebooting the TV, and checking out the Prime Video app on some other tool will even assist. If not anything works, get a streaming stick.

Today we’re going to do thorough studies in this count and ensure this hassle is solved for you and by no means bothers you again. Check out the listing of the first-rate streaming gadgets on Amazon now!

Why Does Prime Video Keep Saying Something Went Wrong?

Before we begin, let’s communicate approximately the maximum not unusualplace motives why the hassle with looking Prime Video came about withinside the first location.

Poor net connection. You can repair this via way of means of unplugging your router, then disconnecting and reconnecting it again.

Your account is probably inactive. Make certain your subscription to the carrier is active.

Problems with the app. Try uninstalling and putting in the Amazon Prime app via way of means of urgent the Home button⇒More Apps. Try logging in/out in addition to exiting the app and ultimate it out of your heritage apps, then restarting the app again.

These are the three maximum not unusualplace motives you’re having troubles looking your Amazon Prime Videos to your clever TV, however there are extra excellent suggestions to come, so retain reading.

How to Fix Amazon Prime Not Working/Something Went Wrong Issue

Here we’re going to inform you approximately the perfect and handiest methods to repair your troubles with Amazon Prime Video and your TV. We will location them so as which we need you to strive them, so examine on.

1. Get a Streaming Stick

This is the primary and maximum advocated component to do on our listing. We have heard such a lot of distinct lawsuits coming from the Smart TV owners, so we’ve got determined to call this answer because the first-rate and the perfect one withinside the lengthy run.

Streaming sticks like Roku or Amazon Firestick are clean to put in and to apply and could provide you with immediate get entry to to Prime Video. After all, their sole characteristic is to movement your content, and that they do it a good deal higher than any clever TV ever will.

The handiest drawback is that you may ought to spend abound 30$, however it’ll prevent from any problems withinside the future.

2. Test Prime Video on Another Device

This is a superb component first of all on account that it’ll make it clean whether or not it’s an problem with the app itself, the TV, or the net connection.

If it doesn’t run to your clever TV or the streaming stick like Fire Stick, open it to your phone and strive the use of it there, or open it to your computer. If Prime Video works satisfactory on some other tool, reboot the preliminary tool you have been seeking to use.

3. Check Your Network

If you aren’t but prepared to surrender to your Smart TV and get a streaming tool, there are a few matters you may do. First, let’s ensure that your community is up and running.

Keep in mind, your net connection need to be at the least 900 Kbits/sec for Standard Definition (SD) video and three.five Mbits/sec for High Definition (HD) videos.

If you’re the use of Wi-Fi, you may additionally try and location your streaming tool and net router nearer together. Here are the stairs to test your community connection:

  • Unplug your modem, router, TV
  • Wait for approximately 1 minute
  • Plug them returned in
  • Once you plug the whole lot returned in, set up the net connection and try and use your 
  • Amazon Prime, if it didn’t assist, retain reading.

4. Remove/Reinstall/Restart Prime Video App

This piece of recommendation is likewise excessive on our precedence listing because it is simple to attempt to additionally quite effective, so right here goes. Go to Settings ⇒ Application Manager ⇒Prime Video ⇒Uninstall. Restart your TV, then reinstall the app.

Removing the app will even assist to take away all of the needless cache documents that would had been interfering with the app as well.

In order to restart your Prime Video app, maintain the Select and Play buttons for some seconds to make the tool restart.

five. Reboot Your TV

This component is quite clean to implement, so let’s try and do this and notice if you purchased any luck. A excellent vintage reboot can do wonders trust me.

Press and retain maintaining the energy button to your far off manipulate for approximately five seconds till the TV restarts

If the hassle persists, unplug the TV from the wall altogether. Then press the energy button at the TV, and launch it

Wait for two minutes, plug the TV’s energy wire returned in

6. Check For Active Downloads/VPNs

Sometimes you may have a truly excellent rapid Internet connection and WiFi, however this Wifi may be taken up via way of means of downloading different matters and now no longer be effective sufficient to address the Amazon Prime Video.

Make certain that no one is gaming/streaming/ downloading large documents whilst you are attempting to apply the app. Turn off all of the VPNs you is probably the use of, they could forestall the app from running.

7. Check For Amazon Prime Video Updates

It is probably the case that your Prime Video app didn’t get up to date via way of means of a few reason, so updating it would assist a lot.

  • You can set your TV to replace all of the apps automatically, or test particularly for the 
  • Amazon Prime app. Here is the way to replace your Prime Video app:
  • Open the app keep to your TV
  • Search for the Prime Video app, open the info page
  • If an replace is available, an Update choice is displayed

8. Check Your TV’s Software Updates

Once you’ve made certain your Prime Video App is up to date, that is the subsequent component to strive. The hassle with the TV’s software program would possibly occur, so we need to rule this one out too via way of means of checking if there’s some thing that desires doing.

The technique would possibly range from TV to TV, however here’s a fashionable guideline.

Go to Setting⇒All Settings/Support

Select Software Update

Select Network. Skip this step if it’s unavailable

Select Yes/OK to put in the replace

9. Check Your Location Settings

If your TV’s vicinity is incorrect, you may not have get entry to to the collection and films you need to watch, so ensure you visit Settings⇒Location and test in case your vicinity suits your real vicinity.

10. Factory Reset Your TV

If not anything else works, try and manufacturing facility reset your TV. Bear in mind, it’ll erase all of the documents you had to your TV. The steps would possibly range a piece relying to your TV model.  Go to Settings ⇒ Reset to preliminary settings⇒ Click OK.

Also, test in case you are the use of the proper HDMI cable in case you passed off to apply one. If you watch  HD content, the cable desires to be rated at the least HDCP 1.4, and in case you watch  4K content, you’ll want an HDCP 2.2 HDMI cable.