32 The Best Free File-Shredder Software Programs

This listing contains the most popular File Shredder Software tools

File Shredder software is software that permanently removes files from your computer but hides them from your operating systems

This is the exact job of a File Shirder. It overwrites files with a particular file-sanitization algorithm. A recovery program permanently erases the files.

For complete instructions on how to wipe your hard drive, see our How do you wipe a hard disk tutorial. This is a great way to sell or recycle a computer. But the tutorial and programs in our free data deletion program list are better.

This is an updated list with the best file shredding software that is completely free.

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Review of Eraser

Eraser file destroyer software is very well-designed. Eraser makes scheduling file destruction as easy and precise as you’d expect from any scheduling tool.

Eraser can also be used with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

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Securely File Shredder, another file-scraper software, is extremely easy to install. Securely File Shredder can be used by drag-and-drop. This allows you to delete them all by using any of these shredding options.

Shredder can also be securely filed. Click on the button to delete the contents of your Recycle Bin.

Securely file shredder is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

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WipeFile offers a portable data shredder with many options and multiple data wipe methods.


WipeFile allows you to save files and folders that have been queued up to be removed or restored later. This can be done by using the context menu in Windows Explorer: “Send to “.

WipeFile can currently be used under Windows 10. WipeFile is currently tested under Windows 10.

Download WipeFile

WipeFile can also be downloaded in 7Z Format. To open it, use 7Z.

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Freeraser can also be used in a simple manner. This icon can be used to shred files. They will be permanently deleted.

You can use the setup file either as a standard or portable program. This means that the files will be placed in a folder you can access from a removable hard drive.

Freeraser works in Windows 11 and 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and 8.

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SecureEraser can be used to shred files as well as to clean the registry.

   5220.22-M, Gutmann, Random Data, VSITR

Secure Eraser works well when you drag files or folders directly into it. Click Start deleting to choose a method. You also have the option of adding data by using the right-click context menu.

There are two options: exit the program, or reboot your computer. After file shredding is completed, you can either exit the program and reboot the computer.

Secure Eraser could attempt to install another program during setup. You can deselect the application if you don’t want it.

Secure Eraser works with Windows 11 through 10, 8, 7 Vista, XP. It is also compatible with Windows Server 2019 and 2003.

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TweakNow SecureDelete

TweakNow secureDelete is a user-friendly, stylish file shredder.

   5220.22-M, Gutmann, Random Data

Drag files and folders to the program. You have the option of limiting how many times you wish to shred files.

TweakNow SecurityDelete can be confusing as there are two buttons that have identical names. The “Remove”button will delete the file/folder. It does not delete any data. However, you can delete it by clicking on the “Delete” link.

This program is compatible with all Windows versions.

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Hard Disk Scrubber

You can delete files easily with Hard Disk Scrubber. Simply click the Add Files or Add Folder buttons, then click Scrub Image.

Data Sanitization Techniques:AFSSI-5020. DoD 522.22.22-M. and Random Data

A Hard Disk scrubber is also capable of creating your own wipe pattern. You can even write over files with specific characters.

Hard Disk Scrapper can be used to delete files in Windows 2000 or later.

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BitKiller, which is a portable file shredding tool, is extremely easy to use. Drag and drop files or folders into the list and then select from one of the options below to erase them from your hard-disk.

There is no need to use any other buttons and there are no additional settings.

  -M, Gutmann, Random Data, Write Zero

BitKiller is not the best. There is a cancel button, but it’s difficult to click it once you have started shredding files.

BitKiller allows you to delete files from any Windows version, even Windows 11/10.

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Moo0 File Shredder

Moo0’s File Shredder is similar to the Recycle Bin. It can be used to delete several files at once. Drag the files into the program window.

  -M, Gutmann, Random Data

You can make Moo0 file shredder appear as a top level window. This will let you quickly access files to be securely removed.

Officially Moo0 file shredder is compatible with Windows 10, 8, Vista and XP.

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PrivaZer can be used to securely delete files or folders.

Data Sanitization Methods: AFSSI-5020, AR 380-19, DoD 5220.22-M, IREC (IRIG) 106, NAVSO P-5239-26, NISPOMSUP Chapter 8 Section 8-501, NSA Manual 130-2, Write Zero

Integration allowed with right-click context menu. Other programs don’t have the same wiping options.

PrivaZer also has privacy cleaning capabilities, including erasing Internet activity as well as deleting files. This makes it more difficult to use only the file shredding functions.

PrivaZer may be used by Windows 11 or 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP users using either the regular installer, or the portable version.

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PC Shredder

A small and easy-to-use file shredder, that you can carry around with you.

  -M, Gutmann, Random Data

PC Shredder is light and easy to use. This makes it ideal for storage on a flashdrive.

PC Shredder only works on Windows Vista or XP. It works in Windows 10, 8, and 7, without problems.

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Hardwipe can be more complicated than other file shredders. It does support data sanitization techniques, and it can power off/logoff after it has finished deleting files.


We love that you can shred multiple files simultaneously. However, the program sometimes displays small advertisements.

It works in all Windows versions including Windows XP, Windows 10, and Windows 10.

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File Shredder

File Shredder is easy to use. It supports drag-and drop and allows you right-click on files/folders in order to immediately start the removal process from any location.

  -M, Gutmann, Random Data, Write Zero

When you use the right click context option, you can choose to delete or add files to your queue to be later removed.

File Shaper worked flawlessly on Windows 10 and Windows 7, when we tested it. This should also work on Windows 8 and 10.

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Super File Shredder

Super File shredder, another file-shredding software that is intuitively designed and simple to use.

  -M, Gutmann, Random Data, Write Zero

Drag and Drop files or folders directly to Super File Shredder. Click on Start to destroy them.

Use a different sanitizing technique than what is displayed in the settings.

Super File Shredder works with Windows 11 and 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

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Permanently delete files

You can delete files with Delete Files Permanently, a free program. It supports more types of sanitization than other programs. In the settings, you can choose to add data wiping methods.

These settings let you set up password protection and make it visible when shredding documents.

Permanently Delete Files is not capable of permanently deleting entire folders. It can only shred individual files.

Permanently Delete Files should now be available in Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

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WinUtilities File Shredder

WinUtilities includes many system optimization programs and cleaning programs.

WinUtilities’ file shredder lets you shred multiple files at once. It can also be used to drag and drop files.

  -M, Gutmann, NCSC-TG-025, Write Zero

WinUtilities’ File Shudder allows you to remove all files in the Recycle Bin.

WinUtilities file shredder is located in the Modules> Security & Private sections.

Windows 10/8, Vista, and XP can be used as supported operating systems (32 or 64-bit).

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XT File Shredder Lizard

A free file shredder, XT Filer Lizard, is also available. Files can also be deleted from the Recycle Bin.

  -M, Random Data, Write Zero

The only issue with XT Filing Shire Lizard is its interface. It can be a little confusing to use.

The program can be used on older Windows versions, like Windows 11 or 10, and also older Windows versions like Windows XP.

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Ashampoo Windows Optimiser Free has many tools that can be used to optimize your computer.

Drag-and-drop multiple files to the program. You are able to import multiple folders and delete the Recycle bin securely.

  -M, Gutmann, Write Zero

The menu at top of the screen allows you to access the program’s file server. To get started, choose file wiper.

Windows 10 is the most recent version. It works with Windows 11/8, Windows 7, and Windows 7.

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Advanced SystemCare File Shredder

Advanced SystemCare also includes File Shader, a file-shredder program. It is located within ASC’s Toolbox. You can find it by clicking on the icon at the top right-hand side of the program.

  -M, Gutmann, Write Zero

You can choose Folder to securely delete one file or an entire folder. You can also choose a Recycling bin to delete all the items you’ve sent to it.

ASC is now available in Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

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Remo File Eraser

Remo File Eraser allows you to securely remove multiple files or folders simultaneously. You can also schedule the deletion of files or folders on a weekly, daily, or one-time basis.

  -M, Random Data, Write Zero

Remo File Eraser lets you empty your Recycle Bin using any one of the above sanitization methods.

Remo File Eraser is free and offers three options to wipe. We do not like this.

Remo File Eraser works in Windows 8 and Windows XP. It should also work with Windows 10 and Windows 11.

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Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities has a range of tools such as a registry clean and file shredder. You can also use the defrag program.

Drag and Drop files and folders directly to the program window. You can also drag and drop files and folders directly into the program window.


Data wiping can be done up to 10 additional times. However, it is unlikely that you will need to do this.

Glary Utilities also has the ability to wipe all files from your hard drive. This can help you ensure that the files you’ve deleted are irrecoverable.

Glary Utilities can be used with all Windows versions.

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AbsoluteShield File Shredder

AbsoluteShield’s file shredder can also function as a file deleter.

AbsoluteShield allows you to quickly and easily send files or folders. File Shredder is also accessible via the right-click context menu located in Windows Explorer.

Data Sanitization Methods: Schneier, Write Zero

Use the Action Menu to alter the shredding process.

AbsoluteShield’s File Shredder should run under Windows Vista/XP/2000. The most recent version of AbsoluteShield File Shredder has been successfully tested under Windows 10 and Windows XP.

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This file shredder list contains many others, but DeleteOnClick may be the most user-friendly. There is no interface, no menus, and no settings.

Click DeleteOnClick to select Remove securely from your context menu


DeleteOnClick supports only one data wipe method. It can only support one data wipe method.

This program should work with Windows 11, Windows 10 and older Windows versions as well.

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ProtectStarData Shredder

ProtectStar Data Shredder is no longer available. This free file shredder can erase files and folders via Windows Explorer’s right click context menu.

Data Sanitization Methods: Random Data

Sometimes you might be prompted by a prompt to purchase the professional edition. You can click on FREEWARE to skip these prompts.

ProtectStar Data shredder for Windows 10, 7 and XP was a great success.

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Wise Care 365

Our Review of Wise Care 365

Wise Care 365 comes with more than 10 tools for optimizing a computer’s performance. This includes a file shredder, which protects your privacy.

You’ll find the file shredder under Privacy Protection. Just click on Add to load the files and then click SHRED.

Windows Explorer can be used to delete files. You can do this by right-clicking and choosing Shred file/folder.

Data Sanitization Methods: Random Data

An installable version includes a portable copy.

Wise Care 365 has the ability to delete all files, and overwrite them with safer sanitization than the file shredder.

Wise Care 365 works with Windows 11, 10, Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Windows 8.

Wise Care 365 – Download

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System Free

System Mechanic Free consists of many programs, including a registry cleaner and a file defragmenter.

Data Sanitization Methods: Random Data

Drag and Drop any file to be deleted. Next, use this wizard to access data overwrite options (1-10). Next, click on the Incinerate Now button.

System Mechanic Free to Use, You will need to enter your email address.

Download the File Shredder Program > Individual Tools > Privacy > Incinerator > Securely Delete Files > Start.

System Mechanic shatters all files and folders in Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

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ToolWiz Care

ToolWizCar is a file shredder similar to System Mechanic Free. The File Shaper section can be found under the Essential Tools section.

Click on Files, Folder/Drive for multiple files to be loaded at once. Then click Erase Folder to delete them all.

Data Sanitization Methods: Write Zero

You can use data wiping up to 16x to increase privacy.

ToolWizCare is a portable application that you can use during setup.

ToolWizCar is tested on Windows 7, XP, Windows 10, and Windows 10. It should also work with other Windows versions.

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Baidu PC Faster

Baidu PC Faster also includes a file server. You can find ToolBox on the top-right corner. Click File Shredder. Drag and Drop one of your files into this window. Click Shred Now.

Data Sanitization Methods: Write Zero

Select the Triple shred Option to perform the data wipe three times.

Baidu PC Faster has a unique feature. It keeps a log of all files that are shredded. You can remove these files at any time.

Baidu PC Faster can be used with Windows 11 through Windows XP.

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This file shredder has a lightweight design and is portable. This file shredder supports drag-and-drop wiping.

Data Sanitization Methods: Write Zero

Blank and Secure provides a simple interface for shredding files or folders. It also allows you to defer deleting files by 1-2 seconds. It can also be used to perform the write-zero erase procedure up to 35 times.

Blank And Secure has another feature: you can use zeros to create empty spaces in a folder. It is easy to delete files that have been deleted by normal methods.

You can see the progress bar to determine how long it took and how many minutes have passed.

You can either download Blank or Secure copies. You can determine if the “x64” download link is right for you.

Black and Secure safely deleted files on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP computers.

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Secure Delete (also known as Secure Delete) is a command line-based shredder. It can also be used from the command line.


Microsoft Sysinternals suite includes SDelete. Secure Erase does but not use Secure Erase.

This program comes with many limitations. You should read the entire discussion on their download page.

Delete can be used with Windows Vista, older operating systems and Windows Server 2008 versions.

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Simple File Shredder

Simple File Shredder works just as it seems. This is a simple tool that is quite different from the others on this list.

Password-protect your entire program, and you can enable Windows context menu integration. Drag and Drop files can also create a deletion checklist. You can quickly delete these files using the toolbar.

 -M, Gutmann, Random Data

Select how often you’d like the data to overwritten (1-3).

Windows XP does not permit us to use Simple File Shredder.

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CyberShredder is a simple-to-use file-shredder. It works in the same way as the Recycle Bin. It will then begin to shred them.

You also have the option to modify the sanitization mode via the menu.

The download page contains both a regular and portable installer.

The CyberShredder was able to delete files from Windows 8 but not Windows 10 It should work on Windows Vista/XP, Windows 7 and Windows 7.