4 Easy Ways To Fix Samsung TV Optical Out No Sound

When you join your Samsung TV for your soundbar or outside audio system through optical cable, you’ve got got a proper to count on first-rate audio. Unfortunately, there are instances while you may get hold of no sound. You can restore this, though.

So, a way to restore Samsung TV optical out no sound? 

Change audio output, check “Expert Settings, “alternate “Audio/Sound,” and check audio.

When connecting your Samsung TV to outside audio gadgets like audio system, you ought to alternate some settings. Keep analyzing for the way you may try this and lots extra to restore Samsung TV optical out no sound. Check out the listing of the quality soundbars on Amazon now!

What is Audio Out Optical Out on Samsung TV?

The audio optical out on Samsung TV is designed to output first-rate sound while the visible content material you’re looking incorporates virtual audio( PCM or Dolby Digital® technology). You’ll discover this selection in a few virtual declares in addition to streaming videos.

Standard cable or analog stations don’t assist it.

That’s why you’ll want to attach your Samsung TV for your soundbar or outside audio system through a excellent optical cable while you need to observe a video that incorporates virtual audio. Of course, as we’ve said, you furthermore may want to fine-song the TV’s settings to get sound from the related gadgets.

How to Fix Samsung TV Optical Out No Sound?

1. Change Audio Output

The sound output of Samsung TVs is ready at the TV audio system with the aid of using default. If you join the TV set for your outside audio system with out converting this, you’ll get no sound. To restore this, you want to:

  • Go to the TV’s Menu Settings.
  • Navigate to the Sound Section.
  • Set the sound output to Audio out/Optical(in preference to TV audio system).

2. Go to Expert Settings

If your Samsung TV refuses to supply sound after you’ve modified the audio output, there can be an trouble together along with your default audio formats. Optical audio out won’t paintings in case you are the use of virtual output audio and HDMI enter audio format. Here are the stairs to comply with to update them with the ideal audio format:

  • Go lower back to the Sound Section.
  • Navigate to Expert Settings.
  • Go to HDMI Input Audio and Digital Output Audio and alternate every of them to PCM.

3. Change Audio/Sound Settings

  • You want to pick virtual out for the outside audio gadgets to supply sound. To do so, you ought to:
  • Go for your Samsung TV’s Audio/ Sound Settings.
  • From the drop-down listing, click on on Audio Out after which pick Optical (you’ll see 
  • numerous different alternatives like Internal TV Speakers and HDMI ARC. You shouldn’t 
  • select any of those alternatives).
  • After deciding on Optical, you’ll see some other drop-down listing. Scroll down and pick 
  • Digital Out Sound (PCM).

4. Test Audio

At this point, you’ve adjusted all of the settings as required. If your TV set is withinside the right operating order, you ought to begin getting first-rate sound from outside sound gadgets.

If that’s now no longer the case, play any audio at the TV and pay attention to decide whether or not audio comes from the outside audio system or soundbars.

Why Is There No Sound Coming from My Samsung TV? (I actually have Changed the Optical Out Settings)

If you continue to listen no sound after adjusting the settings required on your outside audio system to supply sound, different unrelated troubles can be together along with your audio system or Samsung TV. Here are the hints that would assist you to restore the hassle as soon as and for all:

Test Your Optical Cable

You can be the use of a defective optical cable—check whether or not that’s the case. You can rather plug a brand new optical cable into the tv and spot whether or not it works.

Check the Ports

If there’s a hassle with the ports of your outside audio system or your Samsung TV, all of the attempt would possibly by no means undergo fruit. Ensure they’re of their quality form.

Power Cycle Your Samsung TV

If the ports are functional, temporal mistakes can be chargeable for the hassle. To restore them, you ought to try this:

Turn off the TV.

  • Unplug the tool from the wall.
  • Wait for about five mins to permit any lingering fee withinside the TV’s reminiscence or 
  • capacitors fade.
  • Plug the Samsung TV set lower back in.
  • Turn the TV on again.
  • If you’ve observed the stairs and your optical cable has no trouble, you may manufacturing 
  • unit reset the TV. Consult your user’s guide for commands designed on your TV model.

How Do You Test An Optical Cable?

You can quick check your Samsung TV’s optical cable in case you use the VFL (Very Low Frequency) technique.

If you notice a variety of purple mild, the cable is, and also you ought to update it. That’s the identical case in case you appearance from the alternative and spot the entire ferrule glowing. On the alternative hand, you’ve got got a appropriate cable if the mild is coming simplest out of the fiber.