Adam Matos guilty in brutal Florida quadruple-murder

A Florida man is convicted of shooting ex-girlfriend to death in front of his son.

Adam Matos 32 of Hudson may be subject to the death penalty following his Thursday conviction for quadruple and brutal murder.

Megan Brown, the ex-girlfriend of Greg Brown, was found murdered on Pasco County’s top hill. Along with her parents Margaret Brown (52), and Nicholas Leonard (37), her body was found.

Adam Matos (32) of Hudson (pictured in Court Thursday) could be sentenced to the death penalty, after he was convicted Thursday of the brutal quadruple assassination.


Megan Brown was 27 years old and found dead in Pasco County. Her parents and her new boyfriend were also found at her funeral.

Cops claim he shot dead his ex and her dad at their home before battering Brown and his mother to death with a knife.

Matos and his autistic four year-old son, Ismael Trinity Santisteban, were arrested at a Tampa Bay Area hotel on September 5, 2014.

The suspect sat emotionless at the courthouse as the verdict was read. On Thursday, the victim’s loved ones burst into sobs.

Paula Rystrom Rystrom was Leonard’s mom and told the Tampa Bay Times that ‘the worst part is over.

Matos watched in silence as the verdict of the jury was read on Thursday. His family, however, broke down in sobs.

Matos (left-right in previous court appearances), shocked the court by dramatic confessions from the witness stands Thursday

Arrest: SWAT teams raided the Floridian Hotel Tampa, September 5th 2014. Adam Matos was taken into custody

Matos denies murdering his ex-partner, her family, and her new partner. He refuted the police report that claimed he threatened Megan Brown with knives on August 28, which was the last time anyone heard of her. He also offered his theory on what happened. He said that Brown was being spied upon by a woman, and that she was sending him threatening letters.

The 32-year age-old stunned court with his dramatic confession on Thursday.

He claimed that a combination between self-defence, paranoia drove him to kill his ex-partner’s family.

Killed: Nicholas Leonard was killed. This is the body, as seen here. It was found on top of Pasco County’s hills.

Matos discovered that Greg Brown and Margaret Brown were both 52.

He described August 28th 2014 as ‘the most horrible day of mine, a terrible experience, like a nightmare from which I couldn’t sleep’.

Matos, who was originally from Philadelphia and had previously lived in Allentown, Pennsylvania and New York City, stated that he had met Brown six years prior, but that their relationship ended two weeks before Brown’s murders.

Monday will see the first phase of sentencing. Chris LaBruzzo, Assistant State Attorney, stated that prosecutors have plans to seek the death sentence. A jury must come to a unanimous verdict before a death penalty can be imposed.

Leonard’s father Daniel Leonard declared that Leonard’s “either way his life ends”, after the trial. “That’s basically all we can do to keep him from the streets. He was obviously not a very nice person.