Annette Roque (50), Matt Lauer’s ex-wife was seen out and about

Annette Roque was out and about after hearing that Matt Lauer is her ex-husband and a dating marketing expert and long-time friend Shamin Abas.

Roque, 50, was seen dropping off her oldest son at Hamptons bus stop.

Lauer was waiting with her son, his luggage, and she looked elegant in a cream wool sweater.

Lauer (ex–Today host), 62 and Abas (55) have been friends for around 15 years. Abas owns a luxury advertising company.

Annette Roque was seen getting out after receiving reports that Matt Lauer (her ex-husband) is dating marketing expert and long-time acquaintance Shamin Abas.

Matt Lauer (pictured) is said to be dating guru Shamin Abas and a friend for many years. He shares a striking resemblance to Annette Roque (his ex-wife).

Roque and he have finally separated after 20 years of marriage.

InTouch first reported on the couple’s recent holiday in New Zealand. He owns a ranch on Lakefront Property worth $9.2million.

Page Six was told by a source that Matt Shaman and Shaman knew each other for years. Shamin spends most of her time in the Hamptons with him, while she does so with him.

“They just started dating, she’s a beautiful lady. In 2017, NBC fired the news corporation after sexual harassment allegations.

Roque, 50 year old, was seen taking her oldest son to the Hamptons for a ride on a bus. He was reportedly back at college after the holiday weekend.

Roque gave her son a ride at a bus stop after the holidays

Ronan Farrow’s book Catch and Kill. Lies and Spies and a Conpiracy To Protect Predators features Brooke Nevils (an ex-NBC producer) accusing Lauer, a former NBC Producer, of sexually assaulting Lauer during non-consensual sex in Sochi Olympics 2014.

While his old TV friends “turned their faces” at him, Abas stood with him throughout the entire episode.

Exclusive to InTouch: A source stated that “She knows who he is” “She loves to be with him. It seems like she doesn’t care about the rest of the world.

“Matt” is very charming, considering all that he has done. Shamin fell for him.

Lauer made public his October sexual misconduct scandal. He claimed he didn’t speak out because it was unfair, but now he wants the truth after being accused.

Roque looked stunning in a cream wool sweater with brown leggings and trendy brown boots, as she waited to see Lauer.

Annette Roque, Matt Lauer’s spouse filed for divorce in July. This is almost two years after they split.

John Ziegler, conservative radio host and senior journalist at Medlite, interviewed Lauer in an off-the-record interview. He admitted that he made multiple serious mistakes.

Ziegler said that Ziegler was silent during his firing because he believed that he had received what he deserved. Ziegler came out to clarify their conversation, even though Ziegler is now publicly accused of sexual abuse.

Lauer stated that he wanted to speak up but had not found the ‘best way or timing’. He was also afraid of being ridiculed, especially after Farrow’s book.

Lauer broke down after the rape allegation were released and made an angry denial. He claimed that he anally had raped her. This was in response to their three-month affair.

Shamin Aas and Ali Natella attend Pershing Cocktail Reception, Sag Harbor.

Annette Roque filed papers in Suffolk County Court, New York to end her marriage to the former Today Show host.

He spoke out in detail about their interactions, calling her “willing to partner”.

He claimed that the rape allegation of rape was ‘categorically falsified’, that it ignores all facts and that it is beyond common sense.

Ziegler described Farrow’s reporting as “shockingly poor in basic journalistic principles”. Farrow relied heavily upon anonymous sources and assumed Lauer’s guilt at the outset.

To be clear: Nevils could have stated several times that anal sex was not something she wanted and that she was not drunk enough to consent. This would be considered rape. NBC and Farrow did not report on her original complaint. Ziegler reported to Farrow.