Best sport headphones in 2022 for active lifestyles

Which are the best sports headphones?

The Jabra Elite 75t is our top pick for sport headphones when it comes to working out, based on our testing. These headphones provide incredible comfort and surpass most rivals in many key categories including sound quality, battery life, durability, and special features.

iPhone owners can choose from the Beats Powerbeats Pro and Beats Fit Pro models. Each model produces a powerful sound and is easy to pair with an Apple smartphone. Beats models are also more suitable for intense workouts. We consider the Fit Pro Apple’s best offering.

The Shokz OpenRun Pro represents bone-conduction headphones. The OpenRun Pro is waterproof, well-made, and has a better sound quality than what we have come to expect from this tech.

The Amazfit PowerBuds Pro has been replaced by the mid-range Amazfit PowerBuds Pro. However, we recommend the JLab Epic Air Sport ANC. The wireless pair is true wireless and offers active noise cancellation for as low as $100. It also comes with secure ear hooks.

These are the best sport headphones available today (updated May 16, 2018)

1. Jabra Elite Active 75t

Wireless sport earbuds at their best


Size and weight: 0.8×0.7×0.6inches, 0.2 ounces

Battery life (rated), 7.5 hours, 28 hours (with the charging case)

Bluetooth range: 30 feet

Rated as sweat and water-resistant (IP57)

ANC: Yes

Codec support: SBC, AAC

+High volume level and full sound+Doesn’t budge during runs+In-app audio customization+Effective ANC

Avoidable reasons

Nothing at all

The Elite Active 75t is a great all-round performer and stands out as the best sports headphones for working out. Jabra managed to reduce the size of the headphones while improving the battery life (7.5 hour per charge, 28 hour with the charging case), and the IPX rating (IP57), which makes these buds waterproof, dust-, and sweat-resistant. Jabra sells the buds also in striking colors like Copper Black, Grey and Navy as well as Sienna and Titanium Black.

The Elite Active 75t is small but provides great comfort and stability on the ears. They didn’t move while we were exercising. The Elite series audio will provide the same bright sound, but the bass has been tuned to give you a fuller, more detailed sound. Jabra’s mobile app allows you to further customize the audio. Jabra has just released an free ANC update . Elite Active 75t and Elite 75t owners now have active noise cancellation to block out any ambient noise while exercising in noisy environments.

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2. Beats Fit Pro

Wireless sport earbuds that can cancel out noise


Size and weight: 0.75×1.18×0.84 inches, 0.2 ounces

Battery life (rated), 6 hours (ANC On), 7 hours(ANC Off), 27hrs (ANC On with Charging Case), 30 hours (30 hours (ANC Off with Charging Case)

Bluetooth range: 40 feet

Rated as sweat and water-resistant (rating):

ANC: Yes

Codec support: AAC

+Adequate battery life+Strong ANC, Transparency Modes and Dynamic Soundstage with Spatial Audio Support+Standard soundstage+Many AirPods Pro features

Avoidable reasons

Android app has very few extras. The Eartip Fit Test could have been better

The Fit Pro is a combination of many AirPods Pro features packed in the Beats design and integrated wingtips. These in-ear headphones offer excellent sound quality and effective noise cancellation thanks to a new transducer. Spatial Audio is included in the package. It adds 3D sound to compatible songs on Apple Music. For lateral-heavy exercise, the wingtips can be used to stabilize fit. The H1 chip also has many features we appreciate, such as automatic switching between Apple devices, voice activation by Hey Siri, and FindMy to locate lost buds.

Android users are not eligible for many of the same software perks as Windows users. This is due to a lack of H1 support, and a very limited companion app. They can still enjoy Spatial Audio and ANC, however.

The Shokz are a little different from most earbuds for active lifestyles. They use vibration technology to bring sound to your ears. (Image credit: Future)

3. Shokz OpenRun Pro

The best bone-conduction headphones


Size and weight: 1.7×4.3×5.1inches, 0.9 ounces

Battery life (rated as): 10 hours

Bluetooth range: 33 feet (10 m)

Rated as sweat and water-resistant (rating):

+Comfortable, lightweight, and good sound for bone conduction+Improved quality of calls+Great battery life

Avoidable reasons

-Not adjustable

Bone-conduction headphones vibrate the sound through your cheekbones. This leaves your ears open, but at the expense of audio quality. Although the Shokz OpenRun Pro doesn’t sound quite as good as wireless earbuds, it is more suitable for sports use.

Even though there is no adjustability, the OpenRun Pro offers one of most comfortable and secure sports headphones. The open-ear design is ideal for running and cycling as it allows you to hear pedestrians and traffic without having to use an earbud.

Beats Powerbeats Pro are available in four vibrant colors: lava red, cloud pink, lava yellow (pictured), and spring yellow (Image credit to Brian Coule/Tom’s Guide). (opens in a new tab

4. Beats Powerbeats Pro

Wireless sport earbuds that are the best for iPhone users


Size and weight: 2.2×2.2 inches, 0.7 ounces

Battery life (rated), 9 hours, 24 (with charging case).

Bluetooth range: 100 feet

Rated as sweat and water-resistant (IPX4)


Codec support: AAC

Today’s Top Deals

There are many reasons to buy

+Magically seamless setup just like AirPods+Long battery life+Well-balanced sounds+Comfortable, stable for running

Avoidable reasons

-Bulky charging case

Are you a fan of the Apple AirPods earbuds but not a fan of their design? Apple’s Beats by Dre brand offers an option with the Powerbeats Pro. These wire-free, sweat-resistant headphones hook around your ear for stability. They also use Apple’s H1 chip, which is also found in Apple’s AirPods Pro. However, their all-black wrap-around design makes them more noticeable. If exercisers prefer to switch between their iPhone and MacBook Pro while at work, iOS14 allows them to do so automatically.

You can control the volume and track selections, invoke Siri, make phone calls, and even take calls using the controls on both buds. The Powerbeats Pro also delivered a well-balanced sound. There was no excessive bass like with other Beats products. These earbuds offer a great choice for anyone looking for the best set of sport headphones that can last the distance. They have a battery life of more than 24 hours (9 hours in the buds, 18 in the thick charging case). We love the original line of earbuds, but the new, vibrantly colored models by the company (glacier, cloud, lava, and spring yellow) is even better.

5. Apple AirPods Pro

Only true, workout-friendly AirPods


Size and weight: 2.4×1.7×0.9inches, 8.8 ounces

Battery life (rated), 4.5 hours, 24 hours (with the charging case)

Bluetooth range: 30 feet (10 m)

Rated as sweat and water-resistant (rating):

ANC: Yes

Codec support: AAC

+Great active noise cancellation+Extended, intuitive controls+Comfortable semi custom fit

Avoidable reasons

-Mediocre battery lifetime

AirPods weren’t designed to be used for exercise, but we still use them in the gym and while running. Apple has finally released the AirPods Pro, which you can use to exercise. Its sweat and water resistance provides an additional layer of protection, which was lacking in its predecessors. Ear tips are also a significant improvement in comfort and sound quality. They provide a secure fit that is comfortable and relaxed, and seal out any ambient noises to improve clarity.

The AirPods Pro supports active noise cancellation, which is a great feature. The AirPods Pro will allow you to cancel out any external noises, no matter where you are. Outdoor runners can use the Transparency Mode to better hear the surrounding noises without having to pause their music. This is one of the top-rated sport headphones for iOS. It features enhanced controls and a hands-free “Siri” feature. You can also enjoy Spatial audio while binging on Netflix shows on the Peloton.

6. Jaybird Vista

Wireless sports headphones for runners


Size and weight: 0.9×0.7×0.9inches, 0.2 ounces

Battery life (rated), 6 hours, 10 (with charging case).

Bluetooth range: 35 feet

Rated as sweat and water-resistant (IPX7)


Codec support: SBC, AAC

+Well-balanced audio+Companion app featuring several EQ settings+Stable design+Super-compact charging box

Avoidable reasons

-No transparency mode

Jaybird Vista is an outstanding choice for sprinters looking for dynamic sound and on-ear stability without cables. The durable waterproof shell houses powerful 6mm drivers, which deliver bass-forward sound that will fuel your workouts. Jaybird offers a range of ear tips, fins and other accessories to fit different shapes and sizes. They are good at blocking out sound but not enough to be able to hear the traffic coming when we ran, with music blasting.

Although the battery life is good at 6 hours, many of its competitors are better. It is also very quiet. Jaybird should have programmed these buds with a transparent mode, to give listeners a better understanding of their surroundings. The Vista is more suitable for indoor exercise because of this exclusion.

7. JLab Epic Air Sport ANC

Best sport headphones for ANC at an affordable price


Size and weight: 2.4×1.7×0.9inches, 0.3 ounces

Battery life (rated), 15 hours (ANC On); 55 hours (ANC On with charging case).

Bluetooth range: 30 feet

Rated as sweat and water-resistant (IP66)

ANC: Yes

Codec support: SBC, AAC

+Stable design+ANC/Transparency modes+Great battery life

Avoidable reasons

Unreliable battery indicator- Poor call quality

The JLab EpicAir Sport ANC wireless buds have the best sound quality and long battery life. The battery lasted 9.5 hours on a single charge. This is enough to do a week of workouts without the case.

This pair of affordable sports headphones offers active noise cancellation, as the name implies. While it is important to avoid running with this, it can also mask pedestrians and traffic noises. However, ANC is great for keeping you focused on your workout and reducing nearby noise. You can also activate the pass-through transparency mode if you need to hear outside noises.

8. Amazfit Powerbuds Pro

These are the best headphones for running that track your steps


Weight and size: 1.3×0.7×0.9inches, 0.2 ounces

Battery life (rated), up to 9 hours, 30 hours (with the charging case)

Bluetooth range: 30 feet (9 m)

Rated as sweat and water-resistant (IP55).

ANC: Yes

Codec support: SBC, AAC

+Energetic sound+IP55 rating+Doubles for a fitness tracker

Avoidable reasons

-Loose fitting-Not all tracking methods are accurate

The old PowerBuds were able to incorporate a heart rate sensor in a pair true wireless earbuds. This was something we loved. The PowerBuds Pro is a far superior product to its predecessor. It can monitor your heart rate and track your distance. This is great for running or biking.

Although the fit is a bit looser than other dedicated sport earbuds (but Amazfit has packed a lot of tech into PowerBuds Pro), it’s still comfortable. It also has ANC (with a transparency option for safer outdoor runs) as well as interfaces with a variety of health-tracking apps like Runtastic, RunKeeper, and MapMyRun.

9. Jabra Elite 7 Active

Waterproof headphones with adjustable ANC


Size and weight: 1.58x 0.64x 2.74inches, 0.2 ounces

Battery life (rated), up to 11 hours, 42 hours (with the charging case)

Bluetooth range: 33 feet

Rated as sweat and water-resistant (IP57)

ANC: Yes

Codec support: SBC, AAC

+Strong sound with multiple personalized settings+Customizable ANC+Long battery life+Excellent wireless performance

Avoidable reasons

-Subjective noise reduction

Jabra’s latest wireless earbuds are a promising offering that offers a lot of customization and long-lasting battery life. MySound adjusts the EQ to balance the audio while Personalize ANC reduces noise. Both of these features improve the sound quality. You can also access the Jabra Sound+ app to adjust the soundstage. Choose from a range of pre-made presets, or create your own sound profile manually by manually changing the frequency levels. With ANC turned on, the battery can last up to 9 hours. The buds are IP57-rated for waterproof and sweat protection.

While some might not find the Elite 7 Active’s ANC to be as good as other models such the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds and the AirPods Pro’s, it is sufficient for exercising people to stay focused on their workouts.