Diablo 2: Resurrected release date, crossplay, trailer, gameplay and more

Diablo 2: The Resurrected is a complete reboot of the hack-and-slash RPG that Blizzard first released over two decades ago. You will find all of the expansions and Diablo II content in this updated version, as well as 4K gaming and modern graphics.

Diablo 2: The Resurrected is, however, a remaster and not a remake, as Rod Fergusson, head of Diablo, stressed in the initial announcement. Fans can now enjoy 3D models as well as quality-of-life improvements that improve on the original game. If the nostalgia is too overwhelming, you can use a legacy toggle to switch between the original Diablo 2 graphics and the newer graphics.

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Best’s tighter security measures have made modding difficult. Mods are still allowed, provided they don’t inject code directly into the game.

Diablo 2: The Resurrected is now on sale and has received strong reviews. The game has been praised by critics for its dedication to the original experience, while also modernizing the visuals to match a modern standard. Continue reading to learn everything you need about Diablo 2 Resurrected.

Diablo 2: Resurrected release Date

Diablo 2: Resurrected released September 23, 2021. This was announced at the Xbox E3 2021 event. This remaster is available for PC, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One and PlayStation5. It will also be available for Nintendo Switch.

Diablo 2: Resurrected trailer

The first trailer for Diablo 2 (opens in new window) was released along with the announcement. It features snippets from the game, and compares the original and remastered graphics.

A second trailer was shown during the Xbox & Bethesda Gaming Showcase at . The trailer showed a few seconds worth of cinematics as well as single-player or multiplayer gameplay. As you would expect, the game was optimized for Xbox Series X/Serie S. It can display up to 4K 60 frames per seconds.

Diablo 2: Resurrected crossplay

Players can move between consoles and PCs without any restrictions. This was confirmed before release. These consoles include the PS4, PS5 and Xbox One.

You can transfer your characters and loot to any platform, no matter what it is. To do this, you must have your account connected to all systems you wish to transfer progression.

You will also need to buy Diablo 2: The Resurrected for each system. Cross-buy is possible between PS4 and PS5 and Xbox Series X or Xbox One. However, if your goal is to transfer your character from PS5 onto Nintendo Switch, you will need to purchase two copies of the game.

Crossplay is not possible in Diablo 2 Resurrected. You can’t play on PC with other PC players. This is disappointing.

Diablo 2: Resurrected gameplay

Diablo 2 is now available online. You can watch a lot of gameplay online to get a good idea of the game’s motion. You can see the GameSpot comparison video, which showcases segments of Act 1 with The Sorceress.

Blizzard stated that Diablo 2: Resurrected will “fully exploit today’s modern gaming hardware”, but the hack-and-slash gameplay from twenty years ago is still available, though with some modern tweaks.

For those who wish to take a trip down the memory lane, the legacy toggle allows you to play the title in the “original 800 x 600 experience.”

Diablo 2: Resurrected enhancements

Let’s get to the important stuff: What features and improvements have been added to Diablo 2: The Resurrected?

Support Improved graphics, surround sound support

The biggest draw is undoubtedly the new graphical overhaul and cinematics. The game can be played at up to 4K 60fps with dynamic lighting and 3D models. It sounds like a wonderful experience! What would the world be without an audio upgrade? The sound effects will remain the same, but we can expect a Dolby Surround Sound 7.1 audio upgrade. Fergusson spoke about surround sound mastering (via PC Gamer (opens new tab)).

“We are raising the atmospherics of the world, so that you can hear the wind blowing in the streets and the rustling through the jungle. We’re not going to change the iconic sounds like putting a skull in a socket or putting something into your belt. You have Pavlovian responses to certain things, knowing that it’s Diablo 2. These are the sounds that you will still hear.

Cross-platform progress

Cross-progression is another feature that allows your character and their loot to travel between consoles and PCs. As the website notes, you will need a “linked account” and a separate Diablo II Resurrected purchase to support each platform.

Diablo 2 players who still have their original save will be happy to know that the classic save can be carried over to Diablo 2 Resurrected. You don’t need to start all over again with those who were only a twinkle in your parents’ eyes when they played the original game.

Shared stash

An expanded and shared stash is a quality of life improvement that even purists can appreciate. The personal stash has been expanded from 6 x 8, to 10 x 10, grid. All characters associated to one account have access to the shared stash. This means that there are no more mule characters.

Auto-gold/ auto-loot

Some features that may be more popular with a younger audience were removed in favor of the Diablo 2 experience. Others can be toggled on/off. Auto-gold lets you grab gold by running over it instead of clicking on it. Quest markers on the map, however, were not allowed, even though play testers, who had never played the original game, were asking for them.

Rob Gallerani (principal designer at Vicarious Visions), stated that most players use the map to help them play the game. “And we received a request in the play test — mainly from people who are not familiar with Diablo 2, but who are more used to playing modern games — was like, “I just got a quest.” Is there a dot on the map that will direct me to where I need to go?

We looked at doing something similar, and you were like “Well, it doesn’t doesn’t break anything. Right? It doesn’t make my character more powerful or any other thing. It completely changed the atmosphere of the game.”

Auto-gold was explained away by Gallerani, PCGamesN.

Support Hotkeys and Controllers

Diablo 2: The Resurrected will add hotkeys to allow for more commands and controller support on the PC.

You can also use the auto-party system to join public games and invite people to yours. However, it is up to you to decide if it is right for you — much like the auto-gold toggle.

Diablo 2: Resurrected should provide comprehensive controller support (Image credit to Future)

Accessibility options

We finally see decent accessibility options for Diablo 2: The Resurrected after 20 years. The remake elevates accessibility to new heights, from low vision mode to text size to colourblind modes.

Matthew Cederquis (game producer), stated that accessibility is a key consideration when we think about modernization. It’s much bigger than you might think, even if it’s just a small thing like accessibility to the size of your screen that you can play it on. We consider it very important.”

Diablo 2: A Resurrected Outlook

Modernizing old games to fit on new hardware is a good thing. With Diablo 2: Revisited, it seems like Blizzard is going smart, offering some nice graphics enhancements without changing the core of the original game.

The general feeling seems positive now that the game is being played by people. Diablo 2: Resurrected preserves the original experience and gives it a refreshing new coat of paint.

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