Getting T-Mobile to register on the network

You can’t send or get calls or messages if your phone shows the error message “Not Registered On Network”. This problem is usually easy to fix.

What does “Not Registered on Network” mean to T-Mobile?

The status of “Not Registered on network” indicates that your Tmobile phone is not connecting to the TMobile service. As long as you are not able to connect to the service (your cell phone), you will not be able to make or receive calls. Also, you cannot send or get messages and may have other issues.

Why does my T-Mobile Phone say that the network is not available?

Your phone might be reporting that your network is unavailable for a variety of reasons. The problem could be with the network. This could be caused by a natural catastrophe, severe storms, or simply because T-Mobile is having an outage.

This is not the only reason why your phone cannot connect to your network. You might also see this error for the following reasons:

  • You have a damaged SIM card or it is not working properly.
  • It is possible that your phone’s firmware has changed.
  • You have selected incorrect carrier information in your phone’s setting.
  • It is possible that your phone has the wrong network settings, or it might be set to the wrong networks.

How can I fix T-Mobile’s mobile network not available?

You can try these troubleshooting tips to fix the Not Registered on Network message that pops up when you attempt to use your phone. You may try all of them until you finally find the right one.

  1. Check your SIM card. To verify your SIM card, you’ll need to take the back off your phone. After you’ve done this, examine the back of your phone for damage and check the card slot. Finally, make sure that the SIM card is fully seated in its slot. After everything is checked, you can insert the SIM card again and then restart your phone. If there was an issue, the phone should automatically connect to T-Mobile’s networks.
  2. Disable Wi Fi and then turn it on. Disabling Wi-Fi will reset your connection and force your phone to use the mobile network. This can resolve temporary issues that are interfering in your network connection.
  3. Your phone should be updated. T-Mobile could block your phone’s ability to connect to its network due to outdated software or firmware. These guides will show you how to update your phone’s firmware to the most current version.
    • How to update Android
    • How To Update iOS
  4. Reset your network settings. T-Mobile could not connect to your device if you have changed your network settings. To reset your network settings in iOS or Android, visit Settings > Connections> Mobile Network > Network Operators> Search Now. Some Android versions may have Settings> > Reset options Reset WiFi, mobile, and Bluetooth.
  5. You can change the APN settings for your phone. Your phone’s Access Point name (APN), is the number of the carrier or network that you use to connect with the internet. Although your phone usually sets the APN settings automatically most of the time, it is possible to modify these settings if you are unable to connect to your T Mobile network.
  6. Change your network mode. Your phone’s network setting determines which type of network it uses. You can access a network with 5G if your network mode has been set to 5G. You might experience difficulties connecting if you are in an area that does not have 5G.
    You can disable 5G on an iPhone and access other network mode settings at the same time. To turn off 5G on your Android phone, go to settings > wireless networks > mobile network > network mode. You can also use some Android versions: Settings > Network > Internet > The gear button next to TMobile > Preferred network type.
    You may have to select your SIM Card on an Android phone before you can choose Network mode.
  7. Change your SIM card. If none of the steps above worked, your SIM card may be at fault. To test if the T-Mobile network can be connected to your SIM card that you have access to, you might try another SIM card.
  8. Contact T-Mobile. T-Mobile dealers are the best place to take your phone. They can help you resolve the issue so that your mobile phone can be used as it was before.