How to right-click on your laptop

Use a touchpad, mouse or keyboard

What to know

  • Windows users can click in the lower-right corner of their touchpad and tap it with two fingers or press Shift+ .
  • If you have a Mac, click on the touchpad using two fingers. Or, hold the Command key, and click with one hand.
  • Tap and hold on a touchscreen. You can tap and hold on some laptop keyboards the Menu button (a cursor to select a menu).

This article will explain how to right click on a laptop with the mouse or keyboard. All Windows and Mac computers can be used in these instructions.

Chromebook: Right-clicking

How do I right-click on my Touchpad?

Windows-based computers and Macs both can right click without having to change any default settings.

If your touchpad stops working, ensure it is not disabled. A few keyboards have a button to turn off the touchpad. This may be accidental.

Right-Click a Touchpad on Windows-Based Laptops

If your Windows laptop does not have a right click button, click in the lower-right corner. To right-click, press the right-side button if you see a single button beneath the trackpad. You may see a line drawn between the right and left buttons.

Windows 10 introduced touchpad gestures. You can right-click with two fingers by tapping the touchpad.

Windows has the ability to switch between the mouse buttons. If the buttons are not in order, go to Settings > Devices> Mouse and select your primary button.

Right-Click a Mac Notebook

Macs have two fingers for the trackpad instead of one. Alternatively, you can place two fingers on the trackpad and click with a third. You can modify the secondary click settings of Mac so you can right-click by clicking the lower-right corner (or the lower left corner, if preferred).


You can also have a mouse

Another option is to link a mouse with your laptop. Practically every mouse comes with a dedicated right click button. You can personalize some external mice with multiple buttons so that you can select which right-clicks. You can consult the manual, or go to the manufacturer’s website to get more details.

How can you Right-Click on a Laptop keyboard?

To use a Mac, hold down the Control key and click the trackpad. By holding down Control, you can switch between the primary and secondary clicks.

Some Windows laptops allow you to use a keyboard shortcut for right-clicking, but there are some limitations. To right-click an item, place your cursor in a text area or select one. Next, press Shift+ .

While you can right-click any active web page from a browser by using the Shift F10 Shortcut you cannot right-click individual objects such as images or links. With the exception of text fields.

How can you right-click on a Laptop without a Mouse?

Tap-and-hold any item or text on your Windows laptop to open right-click options. If touchscreen functionality has been disabled, enable touchscreen from your Device Manager.

How can you right-click on your laptop without an F10 Key?

There is a button that allows you to right-click on laptop keyboards called the menu key. Look out for a key with a cursor that selects a menu or just a list.