Hypertext REFerence) The HTML code used to create a hyperlink to some other web page. The HREF is an characteristic of the anchor tag, which is likewise used to pick out sections inside a document. The HREF includes  components: the URL, that’s the real hyperlink, and the clickable textual content that looks at the web page, referred to as the “anchor textual content.”

In the primary a part of the subsequent example, the URL accommodates best the report call EXAMPLES.HTML, that’s the Web web page (Web document) to hyperlink to. 

Because best the report call is given, it’s miles implied that EXAMPLES.HTML is living withinside the equal folder because the Web web page with the hyperlink. 

Relative hyperlinks are broadly used due to the fact there aren’t anyt any modifications required if the pages are moved to a specific folder or if the folder is renamed. Every hyperlink factors inside.

However, if EXAMPLES.HTML have been on a specific website, the overall URL with an HTTP:// prefix must be used, as withinside the 2d example.

 In each cases, the phrases SAMPLE PRODUCTS are the anchor textual content, which the consumer sees and clicks. See hypertext.