Jean Claude Van Damme’s youngest daughter is ‘arrested’ by Arizona

Nicholas Van Varenberg (21) was detained in Tempe (Arizona) on Sunday.

Jean Claude Van Damme’s youngest daughter was reportedly held at knife point by his roommate.

Nicholas Van Varenberg (21) was arrested Sunday in Tempe.

Police received a call asking for help because he allegedly had a problem with the elevator at his building, TMZ reported.

They discovered a trail leading to his flat.

Cops left, but 20 minutes later a roommate raced downstairs and announced that he’d escaped from the flat Mr Van Varenberg was holding him at knifepoint.

Police searched the apartment, and discovered marijuana and a knife.

Van Varenberg was charged for aggravated assault with a fatal weapon, unlawful imprisonment (marijuana possession) and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The 21-year old from Los Angeles was born and featured in Kickboxer: Retaliation, his father’s 2017 film.

Darcy LaPier, American model and actress, is his mother. Van Damme has been married to five to four women.

Jean-Claude Van Damme with Darcy LaPier (pictured on the left in 1995), LaPier and Nicholas (right, pictured 2013).

Jean Claude Van Damme and Nicholas Van Damme at The Expendables 2’s Hollywood premiere in 2012.

He was married for three years to Gladys Portugues who was a bodybuilder. With Gladys he had two kids: Kristopher (born 1988) and Bianca. After an affair with Darcy LaPier in 1992, he got married to her in February 1994.

During filming in Thailand that year, he had an affair during Street Fighter production.

LaPier, a woman who was pregnant with Mr Van Varenberg at the time of the incident, didn’t discover this until Van Damme had publicly admitted it in 2012.

Van Damme married Portugues, a bodybuilder, after leaving LaPier. The couple later divorced.

Portuguese had filed for a divorce from Van Damme early 2015 citing irreconcilable differences. In May 2015, however they appeared to be reconciled and had the divorce cancelled.