Nicky Brownless speaks out about Garry Lyon’s affair with her

Nicky Brownless, ex-football player and former star Nicky Brownless, has spoken out about how she lost her husband Billy to Garry Lyon.

Ms Brownless – 48, confirmed that she was still in love with Lyon, 50. As she prepares to attend the Crown Oaks races together with her daughters Lucy (21) and Ruby (19), she said this for the first time since the scandal broke.

She stated that she believes everyone has made a transition and is now content.


Nicky Brownless shared her story about losing her former footy star husband Billy and embracing Garry Lyons, her best friend from his time as a player.

Ms Brownless, 48, stated that she is still happily married to Lyon, 50.

Billy and Nicky Brownless were pictured with Garry Lyons and Melissa Lyons. Garry has not spoken to Billy since Christmas 2015.

She splits her time among Lyon’s Geelong and Melbourne homes. South Yarra hosts her two oldest daughters.

“Life’s busy, it’s up and down a lot,” the mother-of-4 stated.

Lucy is currently studying nutrition, and Ruby is completing a style course at the Whitehouse Institute.

Both daughters are looking forward to joining their mum at races.

Lucy stated, ‘I think everybody is comfortable where everyone is at, we are all really close to one another, our family is fine so everybody else should be as well.

Ms Brownless splits the time between Lyon in Melbourne and Geelong. Ruby (pictured is Ruby), and her two eldest daughters, Ms. Brownless, reside together in South Yarra.

Lucy (right), a nutritionist, and Ruby (left), a stylist at the Whitehouse Institute are just a few of the ambassador roles Lucy has taken on.

Garry Lyon (pictured), opens up about his affair in January with Billy Brownless, his “good friend”, in an emotional interview.

In an emotional interview conducted in January, Garry Lyon revealed his affair with Billy Brownless’s wife.

The father-of-the shared his struggles with mental health and how he returned to public life. He also discussed his relationship in candid conversation about Mrs Brownless.

Lyon wept and said that he had not spoken to Brownless since Christmas 2015, but the affair was revealed weeks later in early 2016.

Both were briefly reunited in grief during Lou Richards funeral in March. However, they are not believed to be speaking on the same terms – even though they have previously been on vacation together.

Brownless revealed in March 2016 the effects of the affair on his family. He stated that “a good mate wouldn’t do this” and said that he believes the secret relationship could last up to four more years.

Billy Brownless, pictured with Lucy (left) and Ruby (right)

Lucy stated, “I think everyone’s comfortable where everything’s at, we all are really close as family, our family has been fine, so everyone else should too,”


Brownless has stated that Lyon and his ex wife were having a secret affair for up to four year.

“I couldn’t believe it. I found out about it three or four month ago. I asked Nicky or Garry earlier what was happening and they simply said they were good friends. Brownless shared this with the Footy Show: “That’s what hurts me the most.”


It is legal under law. Morally it is wrong. We all know what is right and wrong. It’s not okay to touch a man’s wallet.

Lyon said that Nicky Brownless having been forced into the media spotlight in Lyon’s relationship has been ‘a lot to cope with’, especially after his separation.

Lyon stated that Lyon hadn’t spoken to Billy since before Christmas. “I spoke with Bill before the public announcement and, beyond that, it was something for me and him to work through and will do,” Lyon said.

Lyon and Brownless were close friends for over 15 years. Together, they worked on the AFL Footy Channel 9 show from 2009 to 2015.

Lyon’s battle for depression became public after taking leave of the Footy Show after an argument with Brownless.


Photograph of Nicky Brownless and Billy Brownless just before their marriage was destroyed by the affair

Lyon and Brownless, pictured right, were close friends for fifteen years. They collaborated on the AFL Footy Show (Channel 9), between 2009-2015.