Pablo Escobar’s childhood bride tells how he mistreated her as a schoolgirl

Pablo Escobar’s child-bride has disclosed that she married ‘the most dangerous man in Colombia’ for 17 years because she loved him.

Victoria Eugenia Henao 58, who had a relationship with the notorious criminal when he was just 12 years old, stated that she was raped by the drug lord, forced to have an abortion back-alley, and allowed herself to be molded by the criminal all for love.

Twenty-five years later, the widow of a drug lord died. The mother-of-two, who had endured years worth of affairs, kidnapping attempts upon her children and humiliation described feeling tremendous sadness for all those who were left behind.

Victoria Eugenia Henao was the child bride of Pablo Escobar. (pictured), 58. She revealed that she stayed with him because she ‘loved him’.

Ms. Henao claimed that she was influenced by drug lords (pictured at Envigado Prison 1991) out of love and fear.

Twenty-five years later, Escobar’s drug lord died. Escobar was pictured with the mother of two. Escobar described her deep sadness for those who were left behind.

Ms. Henao stated that she could not leave him because of love, but also fear, powerlessness and uncertainty over what would happen to my children and me without his support.

“I was even afraid of the most dangerous man in Colombia, and if I didn’t leave him, he might hurt me.”

Ms. Henao, in her new biography Mrs Escobar – My life with Pablo, revealed that she was raped at the hands of a drug lord. She forced her to have an abortion back-alley when she was 14.

Ms Henao, a young teenager at the time described being taken by a woman who placed several plastic tubes in her uterus until it began to bleed.

In her most recent book, the widow describes the moment as follows: “I can’t really define the moment clearly but it was clear that I had no idea what it was.” I obeyed in silence.

Escobar picked her up after the procedure and advised her to adhere to the instructions.

Despite her trauma, the mother of two married the notorious criminal at 15 years old in Palmira, Colombia, in 1976.

In Mrs Escobar, My life with Pablo: Her new biography, the widow revealed that she had been raped in the hands of a drug lord.

The mother of two also claimed that she was forced by Escobar to have a back-alley abortion (pictured with Sebastian), when she was just 14 years old.

Ms. Henao was married to Escobar and had two children Sebastian (pictured with Escobar) and Manuela.

Escobar’s parents and her parents were unable to attend the ceremony. She described it as bittersweet because she was both marrying the man that she loves while also feeling an overwhelming sense of fear.

The wife of a drug lord would go to school every morning after her marriage. She would then return to her house with Escobar to take care of the cleaning, cooking, and repairs to her husband’s clothes.

Ms Henao remained faithful to her husband and continued to love him. However, she soon started to hear rumors about her husband’s affairs.

Ms. Henao gave birth to her first child on February 24, 1977. Juan Pablo, now 42, was born at El Rosario Hospital in Medellin.

Ms. Henao spoke with The Sunday Times, showing Escobar, Sebastian, and Manuela.

His relationship with Wendy Chavarriaga Gil, which lasted for several years, was one of Escobar’s many affairs.

The young mother was in her fourth-year at secondary school. She recalled asking her teacher to omit an English test because her waters were breaking. She then made her way towards the hospital.

Escobar’s popularity grew as did the number of his affairs. His most famous was his relationship with Wendy Chavarriaga Gil.

Ms Henao described Escobar as a wealthy man who organized the criminal’s first encounter in person with Ms Gil. This was a 28-year-old Md Girl with brown hair and green eyes.

After becoming an informant, it became clear that Ms. Gil had been executed by the drug lord.

The Colombian National Police shot and killed the criminal on December 2, 1993.

Ms. Henao was also a mother of Manuela Escobar (35) and was forced to hide in El Poblado following the assassination Rodrigo Lara Bonilla’s minister of justice. The incident in Botego, which took place apparently on Esobar’s orders in 1993, signaled the beginning of the narco war.

Escobar received calls from the US to extradite him and was given a warrant to arrest. Escobar finally told Escobar’s wife that she had to pack all her belongings and move into Atlos under government protection.

The couple said farewell to each other and never saw them again.

After his hideout location had been discovered, Escobar was shot and killed by the Colombian National Police in Medellin on December 2, 1993.

He controlled more than 80 percent of the cocaine sent to the US while he was at the head of the Medellin Cartel.

Pablo Escobar, the leader of Medellin’s Cartel, who was he?

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria is a Colombian drug smuggler.

Over 80 percent of the cocaine sent to the US was controlled by him during his time as the Medellin Cartel’s leader.

He is now ranked among Forbes Magazine’s ten most wealthy people in the world.

Escobar, who was a co-conspirator with other criminals in the formation of the Medellin Cartel, entered the cocaine business in the 1970s.

Even though he was a drug lord, Escobar gained popularity by sponsoring soccer clubs and charity projects.

Escobar’s terror campaign led to the death of thousands and turned the public against Escobar.

Pablo Escobar, who was valued at $30 billion in the mid-1980s, owned a Learjet solely to fly his money.

The Cartel reportedly smuggled more than 15 tonnes of cocaine each day, which reportedly netted them as much as $420 millions per week.