The image continues to trend on Twitter

A picture showing President Trump exaggerating fake tan lines and leaving a dark-orange steak on his face continues lighting up social media platforms, even though Trump claims it’s photoshopped.

William Moon shared the original picture. Trump has been compared to Cats Mrs. Doubtfire and a three-year-old who is playing with her mother’s makeup.

Instagram and Instagram under the hashtag @OrangeFace.

Trump tweeted that Saturday’s image was Photoshopped but that his hair looks good’.

The original photographs of Trump do not show the tan lines so exaggerated.

An example of a popular photo comparison was with the movie Cats displaying Trump in facepaint

Twitter users compared Justin Trudeau’s look to that of a Canadian Prime Minister in blackface

Chase Mitchell was asked by Twitter: “Did Trudeau just have to get in trouble?

Others brought up Trump’s other controversial topics, saying he appears ‘impeached.’ One woman demanded that everyone put down the tanning and use the image to teach others how not to.

One Twitter user asked about how you can have millions but still use bargain make-up without anyone telling the truth.

She wrote that she didn’t tell him that his foundation didn’t match his face.

Trump said that he prefers to apply his make-up himself in private. He also refused to use the services of any taxpayer-funded White House makeup artist.

Some thought the tan was inappropriate, even for pumpkins. One said it looked like ‘when your three-year-old gets into your wife’s makeup’.

Trump’s appearance was also compared with ‘girls who swore by YouTube makeup tutorials’.

Instagram’s most funny memes include everything from Bob Ross and painting your garden fence, which were used to mock President Obama’s looks.

One Instagram user wrote that the image reminded them of Robin Williams’ scene in Mrs Doubtfire. He shoves his face into a pie, and they aren’t fans of the remake. Others rebranded the movie as Mrs. Dumpsterfire.

Another post claimed that Trump had his head stuck in the hole in a fence as someone was spray painting it.

The “orange” face appearance was also used to compare to a pet dog, as well as to how your face looks when your pizza is being cooked.

On numerous occasions, the President was compared to Cheetos.

The colour was also likened to the stain in tupperware that you get from holding a sauce, especially spaghetti.

Of course, he was often compared to the Oompa Loompas – the orange-skinned creatures from Roald D Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. One Twitter user even revised their song to include lyrics referring to the president.

The original photo was taken at the White House South Lawn on Friday, by William Moon (mysterious photographer). It is evident that the original photo has been heavily edited in comparison to other White House photos.

Trump took to social media to criticise a photo of him that had been altered to show him looking unflattering with his tan lines.

“More Fake News. This was photoshopped. But the wind was strong. And the hair looks good. Trump tweeted: “Anything to Degrade!” He was responding to a man in Denmark who said the photo showed Trump with #too much makeup.

Moon told that he altered the photograph by admitting that he did so using Apple’s photo application.

Moon, a mysterious figure and a favourite of QAnon enthusiasts, is little known. They scour Moon’s photos and videos to find clues that may tie into their pedophilecabal conspiracy theory.

Moon is not employed by or a member of White House News Photographers Association.

Donald Trump reacted to Saturday’s black-and white ‘photoshopped’ image

Trump is reported to do his makeup himself, and does it without the help of a professional.

Moon does have some credentials, but Moon posts photos and videos regularly from open events.

Moon’s Twitter bio reads, “White House Correspondent”, “Photographer, Journalist, Poet, Poet, Vegetarian”’s News Photography experts looked at the Trump photos uploaded to Moon’s Twitter page on Friday. There were two versions of Trump’s photos: one in colour and one in black & white.

They concluded that both had undergone several steps in software editing to alter colour balance and contrast. These steps are usually not suitable for news photos.

Trump himself joked about Trump’s skin tone. In September, Trump said that he ‘always looks orange’ because of energy-saving light bulbs.

The Washington Post responded in depth with an article featuring experts from diverse fields. The experts claimed that lighting was not responsible for the president’s skin colour.

Trump’s complexion was likely caused by an unusually heavy use of bronzer, artificial tanner or both.

The White House said previously that President Trump’s glow is due both to his good genes and light powder application.