Tina Turner’s oldest son, Craig Turner, is found dead of suicide at the tender age of 59

According to reports Tina Turner’s oldest son Craig Raymond Turner took his own life.

Craig, 59 year old, was found dead on Tuesday from a self-inflicted gunshot wound at his Studio City residence, California. TMZ reports.

Craig was pronounced at the scene of the accident at 12.38 pm. Ed Winter, Los Angeles County coroner’s assistant chief, confirmed that Craig had committed suicide. However the official autopsy remains pending.

Tina Hill, Craig’s mother, was just 18 years old at the time he was born. Raymond Hill, Craig’s father, was a saxophonist.

Tina later married Ike Turner, who adopted her baby and gave him his nickname. Craig was an agent in San Fernando Valley real estate.

Reports claim that Tina Turner’s oldest daughter, Craig Raymond Turner (pictured with Tina Turner) committed suicide.

Tina, Craig’s mother (pictured today at the Haute Couture Paris Fashion Show ) was just 18 at the time she gave birth. Raymond Hill, Craig’s father was a saxophonist.

Tina has four children. Craig, her only child with Ike, is Ronnie, 57; Ike and Tina have no other children. Tina adopted Ike’s first two children when they were married in 1962.

Tina stated to Oprah in May 2005 her eldest daughter, who was traumatised by her mother’s abuse by Ike Snr.

They saw the darkness in their eyes. Ike’s children did not react to the situation, but Craig was my oldest son. He looked down in despair.

Craig knocked at my door and asked “Mother, how are you?”

“Oh, please. Don’t beat us at home.” It was something I didn’t want for my children.

“I tried having meals with them, talking to them about their lives. Ike, however, didn’t understand this. He would always return late from the studio. It was awful.

Tina Turner (Ike Senior) and Tina Turner pose together in 1972 for a portrait. Clockwise, from bottom left: Michael Turner. Ike Turner Jr.

Tina shared with Oprah that Tina’s eldest child, her son, was very emotional’ after Tina saw his mother abused him by Ike. (pictured with Tina 1963)

She has lived with Erwin Bach in Switzerland since 1994. The couple got married five year ago

Tina stated that Tina only left Ike after Craig graduated highschool.

The turbulent history of Tina’s and Ike is part music history. Ike, the drug addict son and preacher from Mississippi, beat Tina until after 16 years she fled in mid-night in a bloodstained blue suit with only 36 pennies in her pocket.

She is married to Erwin Bach, German music producer.

Ike Jr. Although he acknowledged that his mother had left her children, he also said they were taken care of financially.

“My mom is living her best life. She married a man she loves and now she lives in Europe. Tina, age 78, said that she had distanced from the life of her father and has been cut off from her children.

Ike Jnd indicated that Craig was doing OK.

Tina and Ike were both absent parents from childhood, he said.

“We were raised in a housekeeper household because my parents were away for 11 months.

‘My father pulled me out of school when I was 13. I became his recording engineer and also went on the tour with them. They made a lot from touring, and my father used to make me count it until the grey hairs on my hands.

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