What size TV should you buy?

You’ve come to the right place if you have been wondering “what size TV should I get?” You might be wondering whether your room is big enough for the large-screen TVs that are becoming more affordable, with 65- and 75 inch TVs increasingly in demand.

It is likely. The recommended distance from a TV was established based on standard definition TV and later 1080p. These TVs required that you have a good distance from the TV to ensure you could see the pixels.

With 4K being the standard resolution for TVs purchased in 2022, this is less of an issue. While we still recommend some options from comfort and performance standpoints, you can now sit closer to large-screen TVs.

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Here are our top tips to help you choose the perfect size TV for your home, room, needs, and budget. This guide will help you choose the right size TV for your family room, but it can also be used to guide you in your bedroom, den, and office.

Which size TV should I get? Quick Tips

Screen size is important. A TV screen is measured diagonally from corner-to-corner. So a 65 inch TV will be closer to 55 inches in width. In most cases, a bigger screen is better. It’s easier to see and more engaging, which makes it more attractive to show off to your neighbors. If the screen is too large, it will not fit in the space available.

Choose the right resolution. TVs offer three resolution options: 1080p, 4K, and 8K. For most people, we recommend 4K. However, the resolution will affect how close you are able to sit and how much it will cost.

Determine the room size and location.

Resolution and screen size

Remember that TV screens are measured diagonally. A 55-inch TV screen is 55 inches in length from the upper corner to its lower corner. However, the actual dimensions of the screen will vary by approximately 49 inches in width and 29 inches high.

The optimal viewing distance is directly related to the screen size. You should view larger screens from a distance away. Otherwise, you may experience distortions or color problems due to being too close.

Next, consider the resolution of your TV. Today’s TVs offer three resolution options: 1080p (4K) and 8K (8K). You will notice more pixelation in images if you choose a higher resolution. This means that you can be closer to a 4K TV (3840×2160) than you can to a 1080p television (1080p).

For most people, 4K is the best resolution. However, the resolution will affect how close you are to a set as well as how much it will cost. These are the main resolution options.

1080, or Full HD: This resolution measures 1920×1080 pixels and is used in modern TV broadcasts. It’s also available in paid and free streaming services. These are still available, especially if you’re looking for the best TVs at a bargain price. Full HD is an option if your TV has a small screen. However, if your TV is larger than 40 inches you should consider 4K.

4K: A resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. Also known as Ultra HD, or UHD. This is the current standard for smart TVs and offers 4x the resolution as full HD. We recommend 4K to everyone, in all situations.

8K: This is the next step in resolution, which is 7680×4320 pixels. You can also call it Ultra HD (just as 4K), but don’t get confused. We recommend skipping 8K content this year. It’s still more expensive than a 4K TV, even if it’s on sale.

Take a look at the top TV models in each resolution:

The best 8K TVs

Size of the room and TV position

You can’t make a room bigger to fit a larger TV. So find the perfect size for you. The optimal viewing distance is directly related to the size of your screen. You should view larger screens from a distance away. Otherwise, you may experience distortions or color problems due to being too close.

The room where the TV will be placed should be considered. You have some flexibility when it comes to how big the TV can be.

The question of whether to mount the TV on a wall-mount or the included stand is also a consideration. The included stand will allow you to place your TV closer to the viewer by placing it on a table or entertainment center. This will reduce the viewing distance. Make sure you consider the TV stand’s depth and the furniture it will be placed on. While some sets come with narrow stands, others, such as the 65-inch Samsung QN90A Neo QLEDTV review , can reach nearly 9 inches without the stand attached. The 65-inch model in our 6-Series Roku TV Review measures 13.7 inches deep despite having a 2.8 inch thick chassis.

The TV mounted on the wall can increase the viewing distance by a foot. This can make a difference between a 60-inch and 72-inch TV. For our top-rated mounting hardware, check out the best television mounts. Your screen will still be a few inches away from the wall depending on the mount you choose and the thickness of your TV. However, the details will vary between models. While some models, such as the LG OLED TV , can be mounted flush against the wall without any additional space, others, like the HTML1 OLED TV , will need to be mounted in a more open area.

The Best TVs based on size

We review TVs in all sizes. While most of our TV reviews are for 55- and 65 inch models, we also have some top TVs that can be used on smaller or larger screens.

Our size-specific guides to best TVs allow you to see our top picks for all sizes.

These are our top picks, hand-picked for their best performance on a variety of screen sizes.

TCL 6-Series Roku TV by TCL (55R635)

The Best 55-inch TV


Screen Size: 55 inches

Screen Type: LED

120 Hz Refresh Rate

HDMI ports: 4 HDMI, 1 USB

Dimensions: 48.3 x 28.1 x 2.8 inches

+Excellent QLED/mini-LED display+Great gaming performance+Roku TV has a large app selection and an easy interface+Improved Roku Remote

Avoidable reasons

-Sound is a bit weak-Roku is missing some recent apps

The 55-inch TCL 6-Series Roku TV (R635) is a tremendous value at a very affordable price. It offers great picture quality and a smart TV experience that’s far superior to the competition. TCL’s current value-champion 6-Series Roku TV, the R635, adds mini-LED backlighting and QLED. It delivers stunning color and brightness with the best HDR performance of any OLED display.

TCL continues to deliver more, such as THX Certified Gaming Mode. This makes the 6-Series one the most popular gaming TVs, even for the yet-to-be released consoles, like the PS5 or the Xbox Series X. The TCL 6-Series R635 TV is the most affordable TV on the market. It has smart touches like cable management in its stand and the solid Roku TV platform.