What we’ve learned about the Capitol attack in the last 6 months

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Lisa Desjardins:

Let’s talk about this sweeping investigation that has been all around the country, led by tips, in part, to the FBI.

Here is where that stands. So far, the FBI has arrested about 535 people in these investigations. Now, from that group, 10 have pleaded guilty themselves. The rest have cases pending.

Now, there is a wide range of different kinds of charges. Almost everyone in that group has been charged with improper entry, but a smaller group has been charged with conspiracy, and over 100 people have been charged with assault.

Over 100 police officers were assaulted in that attack. And that’s what those charges are part of. Now, there are still some 300 suspects that the FBI would like to identify and find.

They uploaded 11 new videos today of faces they want Americans to look at and see if they can identify. But among those who haven’t been identified are the people or person who planted the pipe bombs at the Republican and Democratic National Committee headquarters.

A couple of other notes. We know where these sentences are going just based on a few guilty pleas, some for misdemeanors, like improper entry. A woman recently was given three years probation for that. She apologized in court. And that’s why she got a lenient sentence.

But, on the other hand, we just saw a guilty plea from an Oath Keeper who pleaded guilty to conspiring to, in fact, trying to overturn the election. That person’s sentence is still pending, but could be more than five-and-a-half to six-and-a-half years, so a wide range in the seriousness of sentences that these people face.

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